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New For July

new members ... please visit their art sites ...

Pacoima Ranch
Description: Pacoima Ranch is a personal webpage run amok. I recently had my hits go through the roof at the VR site (Inner Worlds). People are playing it as if it were a game. The game site (Family Room) is also increasing rapidly. There are journals, great links (graphic, CGI/Perl, Java and JavaScripting), virtual reality (the panoramic type and VRML 2.0), java and javascripti 
Keywords: art poetry virtual reality games journals graphic links CGI links cards JutVision Java Java Scripts history ranch religion graphics 

Description: I did all the drawings on my site and I have more to add. exquisite.
Keywords: Fashion designs and other various drawings 

East Central High School Art Department
Description: A digital student gallery with resources and art links created by art teachers and students at East Central High School. 
Keywords: student art digital gallery teacher resource high school lessons tutorial creativity artist visual grades 9-12 project ideas assignments

Art Faux's Fine Art Gallery
Description: 3x week Political cartoon using famous (and not so famous) works of fine art 
Keywords: political humor fine art 

Realm of the mOfOhAwK
Description: This is a personal page of art and poetry. very cool.
Keywords: Art Painting Mixed-Media Cubist Cubism Triangles Form Shape Black White 

repliGATOR(July's Artist of the Month)
Description: This art site describes repliGATOR and shows some of the effects that can easily be generated from your own initial images. repliGATOR started off life as an Image Idea Generator, and has evolved from that. Import an image, hit F7 a few times, then Control-I, and you have an unthought of image idea to play with... try it! 
Keywords: cyber art effects imagination ease lateral 

Digital Paint
Description: Where snapshots become works of art. 
Keywords: art digital paint photos pictures prints portraits landscapes jersey philadelphia

Kalazar's Graphics  Description: Eerie Scifi themed graphics-backgrounds and textures. General themes also.  Keywords: original computer generated graphics

Description: Daily hand drawn homemade cartoons, archived. A few thoughts and very short stories. 
Keywords: Daily hand drawn cartoons with archive 

Description: Color-soaked e-zine.
Keywords: abstract otherworld sci-fi science fiction entheogens psychedelic painting dada poetry surrealism 

Calligraphy with Jim Bennett
Description: Calligraphy means "beautiful handwriting." This site has information about calligraphy for everyone from beginner to expert. There is an on-line lesson, a bookstore, and a "tip" of the day. 
Keywords: art calligraphy lettering handwriting penmanship 

Bennecelli's Portrait Studio
Description: Galleries showing step-by-step how portraits are painted. On-line drawing lessons to be added soon! 
Keywords: art portraits lessons 

Web Painter
Description: Resources for Artists: galleries online, interactive exhibits and studios ; cyberpoetry; interactive and thought provoking installations to visit; search tools for artists, artist tools for the web; web zines: art news, happenings, reviews; multimedia; web design: cutting edge tools for the web; recharging and nurturing creativity. Ideas and exchange. 

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