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New For August

The Free Cyber Art Web Ring's Web space is hosted free by 
Fortune City, a great place for artists: free and easy to use.


Art Competition: Open to Fortune City residents only ... until August 14.
 (but it's  so easy to join FC, don't let that deter you and you receive 20 meg of space for free). Go visit: entries are posted as they come in: so get your entry in early, to allow more visitors to your gallery.

To serve you better, we have added a co-master to the Free Cyber Art Web Ring: Madokan. Madokan  publishes a newsletter, manages a neighborhood (Skyscraper) of Fortune City, and now he is working with us to provide you timely service. He also created the awards for the Fortune City Top Ten Art Show.

On a regular basis, we'll be adding the most useful links to the art forum. If you want to know what's new in art resources, go there now. And please add your newly found art resources too.  After August 20, don't forget to check the add your cool art link site for great sites (including yours, which you can add to instantly). Uri's CgiForMe forum is down; so we are looking for a replacement service (free -- since we're not funded). If you know of one, please send us an email.

Members: you receive an insider newsletter -- please contribute your articles, if you are a member and if it's about art. Make money fast and other schemes are verbotten (forbidden), but your self-promotion about your art is important. Go ahead, plug yourself, tell us about your competitions, your awards, and your web rings. We're here to promote you.  (newsletter will be in ascii format, no bloated graphics to worry about.) 

Why write an article? It helps web artists find out about you and The Free Cyber Art Web Ring. Often, we use contributed articles as press releases, which allow web artists to discover us in other publications.  M. Ford's article about our July Artist of the month, Owen Ransen, and about our new July artist members was published by Net Announce on the web and also as a mailing by Net Announce to thousands of people. Go here to view it.

We've  moved to Victoria Park, a dedicated site of Fortune City and a community of artists. Links will still work  .... for those who've added html code. 

Want to be August 1998's Featured Cyber Artist: Become a member of the Cyber Art Web Ring. Next, i you have a gallery or feature art tools that help artists, please email us about it. We are looking .... for that special artist.

Please visit July 1998's Featured Cyber Artist . Owen Ransen,artist and inventor, has also just created an art forum for artists to visit and ask him questions about RepliGATOR. I/us,  the forum host for his discussion, has other informative discussions about art and art tools. 

new members ... please visit their art sites ...

A cool article about the music of mathematics
(music of nature at a deeper level):

Listening to Geometry
A British composer has produced what has been called the 'theme tune of the universe' - a piece of  music composed by mother nature herselfg to geometry. What makes this very cool is that you can go listen to the music online ... and it's beautiful

New: add your cool art link or art find, only for art finds or resources.
Our instant add-a-link sever (hosted for free by Uri Footz)  was down. Find out why here. The server is now back up. Thank you, Uri.

New: Two Forums to visit: one for events and one to tell others about cool art finds.  This is where I quickly post the hot, hot news that you deserve to get as it comes in.

New: Web chat

New: more Cyber Art Web Ring Logo graphics 

Coming soon: a site redesign (with navigational frames: yes, I've almost finished them!)

plus cool navigation buttons for Cyber Art Web Ring html 

Your original ring master, Cybr Artist,  has been selected head up a new section for NewHoo, a humanized search engine on the web. As an editor of the Arts: Digital Arts Resources, I''ll be digging for new and exciting digital art web installations to share with the wider web.  I've alreadly added a subsection for Cyber and Digital Web Rings, which will list all that I can find and also include ours.  I will be scouting the web and feeding NewHoo the cool digital arts resources that have been hidden from us until now.

Got a suggestion: write to  the Cyber Art Web Ring.


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