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Winners of the First  Top 10 Art Show

The Free Cyber Art Web Ring  is pleased to showcase these winners
of the August/September First Top Ten Art Show. 

Adoption World
First Place
Joe Mazzafro
Adoption World, Gallery 8, Entry 47 

Image of canylake.jpg
Second Place: 
Debra Hays, aka Wings 
Canyon Lake, Gallery 3, Entry 16

Image of Life Cycle
Third  Place
Senthil Kumar 
Life Cycle, Gallery 6, Entry 31

Image of Reflections of the Arch

Sig Brown 
Reflections of the Arch, Gallery 10, Entry 58


Image of The Dark Elf
 Murray Cholowsky 
The Dark Elf, Gallery 3, Entry 13

Image of Sunrise by Darragon
Sunrise, Gallery 11, Entry 64

Image of Witness by Bonnie Kasper
Bonnie Kasper
Witness, Gallery 1, Entry 1

Image of From the Boneyard
Jerry Sandefur 
From the Boneyard, Gallery 10, Entry 60

Image of White Chapel
Soilent Green
White Chapel, Gallery 9, Entry 52

Image of Ghost Rider
Wolverine1000 (Gene Cramer) 
Ghost Rider, Gallery 5, Entry 30

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