Driver Alert
A publication by the Auto Safety Alliance
Volume 1 November 1997 Issue 1


Auto Safety Alliance

The Auto Safety Alliance is actually a fictitious organization.  This Web site was designed as a secondary component of a university writing course, Communications 494.  In Communications 494, a writing and desktop publishing course given at the University of Maryland University College, students were required to write, edit, design and create a newsletter which reflected their knowledgeable application of desktop publishing and design principles.


A number of people made this publication possible:

Peter Ream and Aaron Wooster, of, offered technical support and guidance for their corporation's program: I PublishI Publish is "desktop publishing for the rest of us."

The people interviewed for this newsletter were very helpful, especially:


AAAFTS permitted us to use some of their superb photos and graphics, created by Chris Johnson, research analyst at AAAFTS.  Kenny Morse generously allowed us to grab any of his Web site's graphics.  Paint Shop Pro, an inexpensive and versatile program, was used for the design of the ASA logo and graphic design.

Staff (UMUC Communications 494 students)


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