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Desktop Secondary IDE Cable Installation

Aspire Desktops 
Adding a secondary IDE cable to a desktop system is a complex process. If you are uncomfortable with opening the case and handling components, you may wish to contact an Authorized Service Provider
Follow the steps below if you wish to add a secondary IDE cable to your system. 
  1. Power down the system. 
  2. Remove the power cable from the rear of the system. 
  3. Remove the two retaining screws from the rear of the top housing cover. 
  4. illustration 

  5. Remove the top housing cover. 
  6. illustration 

  7. Remove the two screws from the RF cable access plate and riser card. 
  8. illustration 

  9. Remove the RF cable access plate. 
  10. illustration 

  11. Remove the IDE cable connection from the rear of the CD ROM without removing the connections from the hard drive or the motherboard. 

  12. Note: Notice the location of pin 1 on the IDE cable as indicated by a red line. 


  13. Add the secondary IDE cable to the motherboard connection (see your system user guide for the connector location) and connect the other end of the secondary IDE cable to the CD-ROM drive. 
  14. illustration 

  15. Replace the RF cable access plate and retaining screws. 
  16. Replace the top housing cover, retaining screws, and power cord. 
  17. Restart the system and press CTRL-ALT-ESC to enter the BIOS. 
  18. Use the ARROW keys to select Basic System Configuration and change Fixed Disk 2 / IDE Drive 2 to CD if available or Auto as shown below. 
  19. illustration 

  20. Press ESC to exit the BIOS and select Yes to save the settings. 
The CD-ROM will now be automatically recognized under Windows 95. 

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