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World's Largest Art Supply Store Opens on the Web 4-15-99
ATLANTA Marc F. Adler, CEO announces the launch of the world's largest
on-line discount art supply store, ( After almost two years in development, the
elaborate e-commerce site exclusively offers arts and crafts products over the Web with 40,000 items at savings up to
80%-off retail prices. 

ArtFact Inc. Launches New Website  04/15/99

 -- ArtFact Inc., publisher of the world's largest database of art and antiques public auction records, announced today the launch of a completely re-designed version of their website at Founded in 1989, ArtFact Inc. provides over 4 million independent and unedited public auction sales records to professionals within the art, antiques and collectibles world. With over 300 participating auction houses worldwide, the Artfact database is the largest proprietary resource of public auction information in the world. 

New Web Site Features Rare Van Gogh 3-29-99
Praise for Arts, but a Cold Shoulder for Artists  3-28-99
By Douglas Davis
It wasn't long ago that artists were welcomed
and embraced in the nation's capital as well as
in the mainstream news media. ..Despite consistently 
growing cultural coverage, the vanguard artist is often 
portrayed as an engaging roué at best, as psychotic at worst.

DeCordova exhibit plugs into interactive computer art 3-26-99
A rant about the cons of "cyberart"

Virtual Art, Real Conversation
                    Feb 99 opens a new
                    community to art aficionados. Viewers have the
                    chance to speak their minds -- directly to the
                    artists -- about the works they see. By Reena Jana.
French Artists Gear Up For x-99
                    19 Mar 99 Digital art, Net art. It's all the
                    same to some people. French digital artists prepare
                    to celebrate both genres and set the record
                    straight. By David Kushner.
Botticelli on Your PalmPilot?
                    5 Mar 99 An Italian research team uses
                    the basics of PDA networking and GPS tracking to
                    create a virtual art docent that fits in the palm of
                    your hand. Maria Cristina Valsecchi reports from
                    Siena, Italy.
Top 10 art tools - March 2, 1999
                    If artist's block is stifling your inner Picasso, try
                    these files.
CNN Food Central - Spuds are the stars of unique art exhibit
- February 15, 1999
                MOSES LAKE, Washington (AP) -- The potato
               is more than cheap basic nutrition -- it is the
               inspiration behind flights of artistic fancy. At least
               that's the case in eastern Washington state, where
               the ubiquitous tuber transcends its underground
               reputation ...
 Italian villa is gallery for designer's art treasures - January 23, 1999
 Milan interior designer Gigi Scagliotti not only
              inherited a vast number of family antiques and art
               collections, but also the family villa on Italy's Lake
               Maggiore, built 50 years ago. The garden, gazebo
               and terrace are set up to take advantage of the ...
 TravelGuide - Exhibit pairs early U.S., Australian artists - Jan. 27, 1999
                WASHINGTON (AP) -- Like Americans,
               Australian painters ventured out from their east
               coast nearly 200 years ago into a little known
               continent. Now Washington's oldest art museum has
               helped put together the first major show in the
               United ...

Lint-mania: Canadian artist spinning from attention
FEATURE-Indian women's embroideries drip with blood
FEATURE-Stained glass windows now seen as art worth having
Portrait of a Hezbollah artist: Wielding paintbrush as weapon
Settlement reached over Pissarro painting : Pop Artist Makes It Big in Death
It's a cliche that became a self-fulfilling prophecy: 
Ray Johnson was an artist who avoided recognition in life, 
but has it in death.

 Death of ``xiang sheng'' master marks end of era

 Court: NYC museum must turn art over to grand jury
 Art criticism Six-year-old trashes exhibit
Disputed art to stay in New York during probe
Chicago Art Institute sets Van Gogh-Gauguin show : Putting Michaelangelo's Work in 3-D
Paving Through Petroglyphs
 Prehistoric Petroglyphs “There is a monster out there
larger than Godzilla, and we are powerless against it.” — 
Steve Juanico, vice chairman, All-Indian Pueblo Council
Web Links   Petroglyph National ..

 Artistic Ability Flourishes Before Dementia 12 98
By Claudine Chamberlain
Talents Emerge, Dementia Takes Over An Artful 
Madness “The mechanism for the enhanced artistic skills …
remains a mystery. FTD is an unexpected window 
into the artistic process.” — ...

 Art and e-commerce: Sotheby's signs up dealers Feb 99
Search engine seeks images, logos Feb 99 buys auction gallery Feb 99

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