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The Cyber Art Web Ring
July's Artist: Owen Ransen, 
Artist and Inventor

July's  featured web artist is Owen Ransen of repliGATOR, a stunning program that offers up surprising effects with each mouse click. Over the years, Ransen has placed his art in gallery competitons and won rave reviews. We add to these here.
The Sleepy Clock is an interactive sculpture, a clock which sleeps, stays with its tired hands at 6:30 until it hears someone nearby, when it bursts into life, moving its  hands to the correct time and chiming in its own demented way. 

The Sleepy Clock was exhibited at the Biennale di Venezia in 1997, at the Unimplosive Art Exhibition, directed by Carmelo Strano. 

by Owen Ransen
copyright 1998-99

by Owen Ransen,
copyright 1998-99


Ransen's art site describes his amazing art transformation software: repliGATOR. repliGATOR started off life as an Image Idea Generator, and evolved quietly over time as Ransen gathered inspiration from nature and his ever-active mind.  The free 30 day version is available for download at his site. 

Ransen finds inspiration as an artist in an eclectic mix of human experiences. He lists, in no particular order, these sources:

 *) Direct communication 
 *) J S Bach (music) 
 *) No discussion (silence ???) 
 *) Craftsmanship 
 *) Humour 
 *) Obvious enthusiasm 
 *) Clarity 
 *) Nature 

Even in his childhood, Ransen wanted to get computers to  transform art images.  For Ransen, computer generation was a natural calling which could combine his aesthetic and scientific talents. He day-dreamed about what computers could do long before before fractal programs arrived on the scene.

Later in life, as a Computer Aided Design consultant, Ransen gained the knowledge to pursue his dream and make repliGATOR a reality. When he started to play with Paint Shop Pro and some plug-ins he realized that he could design an even more creative and easier way  to transform images -- which could be used to spark imagination and playfulness. 

As little as 18 months ago, repliGATOR was born as an  easy to use graphics effects program for the mouse-challenged artist. Now repliGATOR invades Ransen's  free time, because when he see a natural phenomenon (stones, trees, the sky, etc) he begins to think how to integrate that into repliGATOR. He welcomes these inspiring moments as others before; repliGATOR evolves in these moments. 

Ransen offers these word of encouragement to artists on the web: 

    "Encourage serendipity. 
Read Edward de Bono's books on lateral thinking. 
Accept sudden surprising gifts from nowhere."

(From the Cyber Art Web Master: I found the RepliGATOR site only after much searching and I was so elated to find such a creative source that I decided I had to find a way to share it with my fellow artists on the net.  That was the first of many inspirations for creating The Cyber Art Web Ring.) 

July - A Great Month for Artists on the Web

In just one month, the artists of the Cyber Art Web Ring have created a generous pool of knowledge and laughter for us to draw from. 

Please visit July's new members, where you can learn about making money from your art  at  Bennecelli's Portrait Studio, or take some art lessons from The East Central High Art Studio or laugh with Grumpa and with Art Faux, explore your dark side with The Darkness .  Visit the minimalist art of the Realm of the Mohawk, Modlbella's fashion illustrations, and Kalazar's amazing graphic art.  These are just a sampling of The Cyber Art Web Ring's new members.

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All images copyright 1998-99, M. M. Ford