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About Your Ring Master

Your original ring master, Cybr Artist, has been selected head up a new section for NewHoo, a humanized search engine on the web. As an editor of the Arts: Digital Arts Resources, I''ll be digging for new and exciting digital art web installations to share with the wider web.  I've alreadly added a subsection for Cyber and Digital Web Rings, which will list all that I can find and also include ours.  I will be scouting the web and feeding NewHoo the cool digital arts resources that have been hidden from us until now.

There's always much to do, so if you want to write an article for the Free Cyber Art Web Ring or you have an idea for better serving you, we're listening.  Advertising is not our game. Rather, your self-promotion as an artist is important. It's why we're here.

The philosophy of this web ring is to promote artists on the web. We can do this by using all of the free services on the web which give us the organizing power to work together. Together we are more powerful. The web offers an infinite gallery space for us to share our knowledge. And we may have a lot of fun together celebrating our goals.

The Free Cyber Art Web Ring is not-for-profit.  It does NOT release  email lists; it never  uses cookies. This web ring is to promote your site and to  make it easier for you to connect to other cyber artists and art events. 

Got a suggestion: write to  the Cyber Art Web Ring.

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