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  1. Submit your site for membership using the HTML form shown below. You will receive an automatic confirmation email that will include your Site ID and the HTML coding that must be added to your page.
  2. Your site is then placed in the Cyber Art Web Ring queue and you will have 15 days to add the HTML coding and header graphics. Sites that remain in the queue beyond 30 days are automatically deleted.
  3. You must include a Cyber Art Web Ring logo graphic on your web site along with the html to make it work as part of the ring.
  4. It must be easy to find on your website.
  5. Add the HTML coding you receive to your web page. The code includes the basic web ring controls (previous site, random site, next site, etc).

Join the Cyber Art Web Ring

Complete the form to submit your site. We'll send you an email which includes  your Site ID and the HTML coding you add to your page. After you have added the HTML coding and the Cyber Art Web Ring logo on your page, send an e-mail to the Cyber Art Ringmaster. After your site has been evaluated to ensure that it meets the basic requirements, it will be moved into the ring.

If you agree with our disclaimer, please apply.

Step 2: Download a Cyber Art Web Ring Logo

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