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Christmas Newsletter:  December 1998

Just published: our Christmas edition newsletter, December 18. This newsletter features a smorgasboard of member sites: read our Christmas Newsletter at Egroups, or right here on Cyber Art Web: Christmas newsletter.  We'll have a special New Year's edition as well, to feature sites we didn't cover. 

Try our new Cyber Web Remote Control Surfer(Netscape only ... for now). You can add it to your site to encourage members to surf member sites: it makes surfing Cyber Art Web fun!

To add this cool interactive function to your web page, you may add  Cyber Art Surfer to your web site.
You may use a WYSIWYG editor to cut and paste the block quotes above in ... 
Or  simply open your html page with an asci editor and cut and paste the following blue highlighted HTML code into your web page and then send your revised web page to your server. This version does not work at all with Internet Explorer. Looks like I'll have to write a VB Javascript page for Internet Explorer users. 

For those who dislike pop-ups (ie, Tripod and GeoCities), try the Popup Killer This version works for Win95/WinNT/Win98. Sorry, Mac Users. We're looking for a Mac version (hint, hint).

------------begin--Cyber Art Surfer -html code-----
function remote(){
/*Credit: Website Abstraction more JavaScripts here.*/"","","width=150,height=350,scrollbars")
<form><input type="button" value="remote surf - Netscape only" onClick="remote()"></form></blockquote>
------------end--Cyber Art Surfer ---html code-----

Calling All Members!!
To better promote your site, please supply us with a small
web graphic thumbnail of one of your works: 
we'll display your thumbnail whenever we link to your page 
from Cyber Art Web  and also for a special search engine 
we're building to help visitors find you ... 
the specifics: only JPG or GIF, 
no full-sized images; 100x100 pixel sizes. send to

Apologies for those not featured in this site: I had some
unexpected mishaps these last two months and I had intended to include
everyone ... and time got the upper hand on me 
.... for all those NOT featured this Xmas issue: we'll do a 
New Year's Issue and catch everyone up. Plus! if you have something special
to share, well, please share it with us ... 

Good news for us! 
Our artring has moved up again by two places in 
the top 100 most popular sites of the 
Web Ring for Arts and Humanities / Artists. 
We are now at Number 33 of the top one hundred! 
All our artists may take a bow! 
Web visitors are returning to visit your sites again and again!

Don't forget: You can now instantly ...
remote surf member sites at:
search for yourself at Cyber Art Web: Search Cyber Art Web
visit a mirror site if the main site goes down: WebJump 
add your Famine relief LinkCasual Forum's Cyber Art Web
contribute your art links: Casual Forum's Cyber Art Web
(Uri Foox of and CasualForums, www.casual.forums have provided these services for free.)

contribute art events: Cyber Art Forum 1
contribute cool finds:Cyber Art Forum 2
sign the guestbook: Cyber Art Dream Guestbook

Our members have provided us some great gifts for Christmas!
Here's a sampling of member art sites for Christmas cheer
(apologies for not including everyone; I broke 2 ribs a week ago ..)


Scruffy Pup's Desktop Art has Christmas Wallpaper for you to download:

Art Faux's Fine Art Gallery has wonderful cartoons 
which you may link directly to your site! What a wonderful resource
John states: "If you like my work and want to display the daily cartoon 
(Monday through Friday) directly on your web site, feel free to use one of the following URL's: 
Daily Picture (jpg only) - Daily Picture
Daily Picture (html only) - Daily Picture

Varian's Angel Kisses may just be "one-stop shopping" for all your angel web graphic needs,   
and what's more .... it's all free,
just link to Varian's site, and give credit for the artist's work.

Johnny's Cyber Art Studio has cool visual 3d worlds for you to visit at:

Edmar Henschel's site is multilingual: Dutch, English and Portuguese
There are 5 photo galleries to visit: each photo demonstrates a
perfected sense of balance and visionary art.

Design Shed's Lost America Photography gallery, features acclaimed
gallery of night photos of the abandoned roadside west.

Daniel Root's Links, artists, and other tidbits from the Web that deal with art are 
enough to keep you online for hours

Kendaco's suicide club drawings include Christmas ornaments of inner memories.
Her "Purgatory" images will haunt you.

Justine Ayer's 'Hellhole of Art' includes a huge Fantasy Art 
Gallery, forum and chat as well as other featured galleries. 
Fantasy art doesn't get any better than this

Mickey D's Libary of Graphic Arts include fantasy worlds of reflective lakes 
and endless undulating mountains. Don't miss "Sunrise & Snow."

Explore the Art of Kroom. You'll never be the same again! 
His paintings reflect an inner world which transcends mortal 
limits: Nightmare; fear is the mindkiller.

Murray's Sketchpad includes fantasy art, portraits, 
wild life and landscapes, many done in graphite and pencil. 

Samanthie's Art Gallery has Christmas 'tubes' for Paint Shop Pro enthusiasts.
She has also donated Christmas art to benefit famine relief efforts. 
Samanthie's portraits are exquisitely framed 
with gold bow ties and pearlescent leaves. a must see

The artwork of Robert A. Stott includes Christmas cards, 
cartoons and 'other silliness.' very refreshing.

Bonnie Kasper's Soul Cages and Open Pages won November's prestigious
Palandor Award. Bonnie was also an extra in the movie: 'A Simple Plan.'
She's a deputy in one of the scenes! Can you guess which one?

Glen Tarnowski has a free postcard service for you to create artistic postcards.
His still lifes, landscapes and human figure studies are breath taking.

Poor Man's Art Gallery
features art for everyone.

Planet Magazine No. 20 (NEW ISSUE! Released December 1, 1998!!)
has award winning science fiction writing and art magazines online

Grumpa's Love Canal Brain Trust features out a new toon almost every day.
His quirky sense of humor mixes Canadian and American observations of everyday life.
He promises to keep it up too, unless he keels over of old age (heh heh ... very funny,

Sondra Seeger has enough art and art links to sink the Titanic. An overwhelming site.
Art includes Bryce 3D worlds, traditional art, oils and many art resources.

ArtsInfinite features a cyberzine (October issue and anticipated December 1998 issue) and a gallery. 
Its philosophy?: "Reality is what you do not know; Reality is what you know; 
reality is now; Now is infinite. Time has no essence." wow.

Even his signature tells you there's something special about 
La Galeria de GymArt (be sure to check it out and sign Jim's
Guestbook), cool art and entertainment:

                 ( @ @ )
              Jim  Nasium's
..·´¯`·.¸/La Galeria de GymArt\¸.·´¯`·..
         La Galeria's Other Home Page

Jaguar's Page has resources for Bryce, Alias, Autocad, 
Hash, Imagine, Infini-D, Lightscape, Lightwave, Photoshop, 
RayDream, Rhino, Softimage, Strata, and Truespace. Not only that, 
his Jaguar is absolutely awesome. This expertly designed site 
presents a wealth of resources.
Mirror Site: Http://
visit his page and send him email from there!

RepiGATOR 4 - new version of art transformation software
  drool ... drool ... 
  it's hot, many new features and filters and 
  the old features are much improved! 
  kudos to Owen Ransen at: 
  oh, did we mention that there's a freel trial version available.

Photos Transformed: digital, photo-based art, one of a kind art ... 
Artist Cheryl Edwards specializes in creating art fro m your photographs.

ArtsForge lost its guestbook entries recently.
(isn't that just like the web)
Cyber Art Members are invited to anongoing project at: 
Please sign the guestbook and snoop around
this terrific site for artists.

Welcome To Phalliqua's 3d Art Chamber
presents a 3d artist's haven.

The World According to Slang has beautiful 2d and 3d
art to share.

Morlyk's Art Gallery
our 101st member presents 3d Photoshop art galleries.

If you have news about your site or your awards, please tell us 
so we can announce it for you in your newsletter. 

After all, the Cyber Art Web Ring is about you! the artist.

Again, apologies to those four artists who are still waiting for 
their artist interviews to appear in Cyber Art Web. 
The reason is this: My father was in critical care for a month
and then, just when we transferred him to an acute care rehab center, 
I slipped and broke two ribs. When I have my concentration back,
I'll write up those fascinating interviews.

Yours and Merry Christmas,

Cybrrr Artist; Founder, Editor, WebMaster 
Cyber Art Web Ring
by artists, for the world


Got a suggestion: write to  the Cyber Art Web Ring

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