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Software Reviews

Cybrrr Artist's Favorite sources for Win95/NT Software:

i/us: Great Graphics  i/us -- they have all the hot graphics you need.
The Slaughterhouse everything else is here
Mediabuilder the best for image and web software
FreeCode the best for perl, cgi
Dave Central all round resource for software

Subjective Ratings

Sonique: MP3 music player
Sonique : MP3 player for  the artist ***** Windows95/98 free
Well, it's version .90, and still beta. That said, what a great music player. A stylish player with all the bells and whistles. Plays s3m, mod, xm, whatever. If you groove to music on the web, this is the player to get -- streaming music is even handled. beautiful design which only adds to its functionality.

Net Objects Fusion 4.0 *****
Well, this site gets a decent makeover, soon, with NetObjects. $100 rebate until March 31, 1999 as competitive upgrade to other web site builders. The best.

KPT 3/KPT 5 Power Tools*****
These photoshop plugins (also used for Paint Shop Pro) are really hot. Although no printed manual is provided, you'll find yourself creating dazzling images in no time. I purchased my powertools from i/us.

SPG Web Tools*****
Winner of the WEB '98 Web Tools Award for Best Web Graphics 
Program, SPG WEB Tools is a suite of 23 award-winning Web Tool 
plug-ins that  transforms Microsoft Image Composer or 
Adobe PhotoShop (and also Paint Shop Pro) into a Graphics POWERSUITE!These photoshop plugins (also used for Paint Shop Pro) can also save you time and they also produce dazzling images in no time. (no printed manual, but a comprehensive online manual exists).  I also purchased my SPG Web Tools from i/us.

Fractal Design Painter v. 5.5 web ready*****
MetaCreation's answer to Adobe's Image Style and Photoshop. Now you can generate your web scripts and rollovers with the web ready version. This is a program for serious digital artists who want to make web art and design their vocation.

Kai's Power Tools*****
6 new filter's. As if it wasn't already the best plugin for Photoshop out there. Fractal Design Painter owners can get $100 discount now. It's $99 price is hard to beat. A dream to use and a must have for any digital artist who wants to produce professional art. Kai's touches are everywhere on the web, these days.

Adobe's Image Ready*****
What a treat. Three hours after I opened it, I made a template and created all the buttons and rollover script for this website in one easy step. Amazing. Wonderful. Powerful. I need a book on it. Now, if I could only afford ImageReady!

very useful for art idea generator. inspiring and surprising. Improved, better handling and faster than 3.

Instabase Web Ready*****
Wow, two hours after I downloaded Instabase, I had a webready database. I put it on the web and it's an asset to our ever growing Cyber Art Web members. Cyber Art members get a discount if they tell Instabase they got referred by Cyber Art Web.

Live Pix 2.0*****
incredible program for what it does, fun to use, creative, cheap too.

Live Pix Soho*
rudely uninstalls Live Pix 2.0 without warning the user. Software support didn't know that it was different from Live Pix.  They said the two are basically the same, but they're not. And to think I paid for the phone call to San Francisco myself (no 800 number). What a stupid package ... beautiful, but stupid. I'm taking it back.

excellent page design control. I don't rely on Splash for total html control, however.  Delightful to use, but it has one significant drawback:annoying lack of cut and paste from other programs. 
Splash now has a new version out, but I haven't had time to try it.

Splash! Image Mapper*****
incredible -- go get it. fun, fun, fun.

Microsoft's Image Composer****
I had version 1.0, free. I installed beta version 1.5, not free. Uninstall could not remove beta version 1.5 completely and I even tinkered with the Windows Registry. Whatever you do, don't install version 1.5 if you're using 1.0  Microsoft bundles it with FrontPage 98 and won't unbundle it. Maybe I'll be able to afford FrontPage someday.

Paint Shop Pro*****
I'm a Paint Shop Pro fanatic. go get it. We artists are poor. I save my money for paint and canvas. I bought Paint Shop Pro.

Free Xara Web Style trial version  ****
Xara WebStyle 30 trial (win95) -- easy way to make 3d rollovers. Well, you could buy Adobe's Image Styler or Fractal Painter. Xara Web Styler is much less expensive.

Free Xara Webster 2 trial version *****
Download your free Xara Webster Style 30 trial (win95) 

Free Xara 3d trial version *****
I had version 2 and loved it . Version 3 is even better. wow!
Dazzling 3d is here and a just click away.

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