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New For March/April
Members can now search for artists by keyword and description and receive a list of other artists with similar interests. This new feature is readily accessible at the membership search page: Search Cyber Art Members

Cyber Art Web receives international recognition. We have members from all over the world. Our searchable member database was featured by Instabase at CEBIT,  the world's largest computer show in Hannover, Europe, March 18-24, 1999. Members are receiving more traffic to their websites, which are directly linked from Cyber Art Web's member database.  Here's a good reason to join Cyber Art Web, if you haven't already.

We just pubished our sixth newsletter on the web.  You may subscribe here.

Cyber Art Web members can also search other members quickly with our enhanced image database.
Thank you to all members who have submitted their logo link thumbnails. Members who order Instabase may receive a 10% discount just by telling Instabase Cyber Art Web sent you.

Member, Cyber Arts Studio, has designed an elegant logo which you may view at this website or download from the Logos page. More logos have been added as well. Several animated logos are available.

Post your message or discuss Art issues more easily in the Art Forum.
A Message Forum Board  is up at Cyber Arts Messages thanks to StarForums.

Cyber Art Web Received an Educational Art Award: January 1999 from the ArtRoom. Congratulations to all members.

Check our Daily news forum, one of two hosted by Casual Forums. Try our new Cyber Web Surfer. You can add it to your site to encourage members to surf member sites: it makes surfing Cyber Art Web fun!

Good news for us!
  Our artring keeps soaring in the top 100 most popular sites of the
  Web Ring for Arts and Humanities.
  We are now at Number 24 of the top one hundred artist webring sites! We've moved up 4 places in the last month thanks to you!  Visit the rating site:

Top Web Rings
  This is a great achievement especially since
  this is based on a very short time period!
  All our artists may take a bow!
  Web visitors are returning to visit your sites again and again!

To add the cool interactive ArtSurfer to your web page, you may add  Cyber Art Surfer to your web site.
You may use a WYSIWYG editor to cut and paste the block quotes above in ...
Or simply open your html page with an asci editor and cut and paste the following blue highlighted HTML code into your web page and then send your revised web page to your server.

------------begin--Cyber Art Surfer -html code-----
<base target = "myWindow">

// Copyright (c) 1996-1997 Athenia Associates.
// http://www.webreference.com/js/
// License is granted if and only if this entire
// copyright notice is included. By Tomer Shiran.

function launch(newURL, newName, newFeatures, orgName) {
  var remote = open(newURL, newName, newFeatures);
  if (remote.opener == null)
    remote.opener = window;
  remote.opener.name = orgName;
  return remote;

function launchRemote() {
  myRemote = launch("https://members.tripod.com/~surfernews/cyb/remote.html", "myRemote", "height=300,width=110,channelmode=0,dependent=0,directories=0,fullscreen=0,location=0,menubar=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,status=0,toolbar=0", "myWindow");

// -->

<p><form><input TYPE="button" VALUE="launch  ArtSurfer: Netscape or IE 5 only" onClick="launchRemote()"></form>
------------end--Cyber Art Surfer ---html code-----

 We have yet another new mirror site! Bookmark our Mirror backup. From now on, you can always find us at one of the two servers: Xoom mirror (Xoom has unlimited space for web sites now)
Geocities mirror (for that rare day when our primary site: Tripod is down).

October 's (and September) 1998's Featured Cyber Artist is Bonnie Kasper.

We  broadcast on the PointCast News channel. For members, this increases your audience. This also means we need more Member Interviews, right now. Subbscribe to PointCast News and tell your friends about it.

Subscribe . .. free Cyber Art  Channel

Wanted: Members: Articles about your art, your accomplishments. What do we do with them: we publish them ... here and as press releases on the Web, ie, What's New, NetAnnounce, You Name It. Get the word out about your art now. Write Us!

I'm putting together some quick software reviews.

On a regular basis, we'll be adding the most useful links to the art forum. If you want to know what's new in art resources, go there now. And please add your newly found art resources too.

The add your cool art link site for great sites (including yours, which you can add to instantly) is BACK up and faster than before.

Members: you receive an insider newsletter -- please contribute your articles, if you are a member and if it's about art. Make money fast and other schemes are verboten (forbidden), but your self promotion about your art is important. Go ahead, plug yourself, tell us about your competitions, your awards, and your web rings. We're here to promote you.  (newsletter will be in ascii format, no bloated graphics to worry about.)

Why write an article? It helps web artists find out about you and The Free Cyber Art Web Ring. Often, we use contributed articles as press releases, which allow web artists to discover us in other publications.

M. Ford's article about our Sept/October artist, Bonnie Kasper and about ourJuly/Aug Artist of the month, Owen Ransen, and about our new July artist members was published by Net Announce on the web and also as a mailing by Net Announce to thousands of people. Go here to view the interview with Owen Ransen. I'm not kidding -- our July artist had his biggest month ever, in sales and publicity. We can make it happen, together.

Please visit  Sept/Oct Featured artist. Bonnie Kasper, writer and professional artist has created web sites which nourish the soul.
Please visit July/Aug 1998's Featured Cyber Artist. Owen Ransen, artist and inventor, has also just created an art forum for artists to visit and ask him questions about RepliGATOR. I/us,  the forum host for his discussion, has other informative discussions about art and art tools. Owen just wrote me that July was his biggest month ever and he credits part of his success to his membership in the Free Cyber Art Web Ring.

Two Forums to visit: one for events and one to tell others about cool art finds.  This is where I quickly post  news that you deserve to get as it comes in.

Web chat

Got a suggestion: write to  the Cyber Art Web Ring : cyber_art@bigfoot.com

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