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"happy 1999! You're
 doing a *great* job with the Cyber Art Web Ring -- keep it up! Enjoy..."


  "The Cyber Art Web Ring is the most active, supportive art ring I know. Thank you!   have been an advocate for art collaboration, since doing so with digital files would be so easy,  yet found it difficult to make this happen with other rings. Now  things are starting to happen. Thanks  again." 
Tobin James Mueller, ArtsForge
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" Your site is amazing! A                   WONDERFULLY complete listing of resources for artists on the web! And your web ring is  OUTSTANDING! Not too mention that your site now loads MUCH faster too!!! Since I've joined   your web ring I have had TONS of hits to my site. I LOVE your site! Always have and always will...you offer so  very much for artists. This is a great web ring to belong to. I wish I would have known about you earlier! "

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"I wanted to thank CyberArt Web and Webpainter for all their useful tips etc. Because of their info, I now have a permanent showing at the Fine Arts 
  Gallery (miningco.com) and a permanent link with the ArtistExchange also at the miningco.com. From these I recieved several art commissions. I would never  have thought to show my work if it weren't for these two. Thanks again. "


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